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Virtual Servers

We begin where the others end

Is the shared web hosting not enough for you? Give the best to your web solutions. Operate them on your own virtual server. And do not pay more than necessary.

We are doing the best

We have more experience with the use of virtual servers than anyone else in Slovakia. In 2015, we put it all into making the latest virtualization, which has no compromises.

Unbeatable prices

No hidden charges, despite the lowest prices. Why? Because we have many satisfied customers and we can reasonably distribute our costs while maintaining the highest quality.

Your server precisely tailored

You can adjust the amount of space, memory and processing power on your virtual server. Operate all your domains on it at no additional fees.


Our pre-configured virtual servers


Server housing

Ideal service for those customers who want their own server with the professional-level connect to the internet. We host and manage hundreds of servers. The data of our customers is stored in three data centers with high connection availability. Similarly, high availability is guaranteed for your own servers. If you have no server, you can rent some of our equipment, or buy a new one from us.

Server housing prices

Type of housing Connection Price / month
Housing of 1U server
one-stream power
1 Gbps 88,10 €
Housing of 1U server
redundant power
1 Gbps 112,10 €
Housing of 2U server
one-stream power
1 Gbps 168,10 €
Housing of 2U server
redundant power
1 Gbps 202,10 €
Housing of more than 2U 1 Gbps negotiated price

The prices are given excl. 20% VAT.
Contact us for detailed information and orders please.


Dedicated servers for maximum performance



The benefits of our hosting

First month for free

We are sure about the quality of our high-level servers and technical support. Therefore, without any problems, we will automatically provide our web hosting services for the first 30 days free of charge, so that you can try them and feel a big difference from other providers.

Get rid of the problems, come to us

Do you have any other hosting parameters, what do we offer? Do you pay unnecessarily more? We will give you plenty of space, a lot of mailboxes, and let your worries be left to others. Just fill in your order.

Come to us with no shutdown

Switching from another provider is not at all complicated. We will advise you on everything you need or transfer your data to ourselves. You feel the difference very quickly.

If you're not satisfied, we'll refund you money

The money back guarantee works smoothly with us. If you want to leave for any reason, we will return the remaining part of your money without unnecessary formalities and harassing conditions. We build an honest business relationship and we provide services with a human approach.